Take a Tour of Brennans Palm Resort and Casino

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Take a Tour of Brennans Palm Resort and Casino

The Brennans Palm City Resort and Casino in Panama City Florida is an outstanding destination for spending your next Las Vegas vacation. For those of you who are considering traveling to this beautiful state, you must be aware of Brennans. You must be aware of the spectacular Desert Hills Casino Hotel and this remarkable casino resort.

The Brennans Palm Coast Resort and Casino are one of the best of Florida’s luxury accommodations. This is a five star resort that is also an award winning casino. You can make your next vacation to this scenic beach resort one that you will not soon forget.

Of course, Desert Hills is not your typical casino that you may find at many other locations. It is a premier casino location. In fact, Desert Hills has been a recognized “Best Place to Play” by visitors to Las Vegas Magazine. In addition, the Brennans Palm City hotel offers several luxury suites.

One of the most popular suites at Desert Hills is the Platinum Suite. The Platinum Suite features seven bedrooms, four of which are ocean view. Some of the amenities include a large plasma television with cable TV, two living rooms, a library, a business center, an outdoor spa, a wet bar, an in-room fitness center, and access to the fitness center.

One of the more common amenities included in a suite at Desert Hills is a grand piano. Grand pianos are unique in that they are designed to resemble the musical instruments of the world. The piano itself is fitted with a system that connects to a computer and LCD television.

You may have heard of a palm casino movie theater. You may also know of a palm casino theater with a 360 degree circular screen. These three unique gaming theaters are all designed to look as if they are from the same location. The palm trees and the sand of the palm trees are replicated to perfection.

If you want to get away from it all, you may want to consider booking a hotel room at Brennans Palm City Resort and Casino. The Brennans Palm Resort and Casino provide a lot of luxury, such as comfortable beds, complimentary drinks, and room service. This is a great way to start your stay, but there is so much more to do in the Coral Gables area.

You can take a great tour of the Downtown Miami area that includes shops, restaurants, art galleries, and many more attractions in the tropical climate. Make sure to take in the sights at the Brennans Palm City Hotel and Casino.