Enjoy Las Vegas From The Palm Casino Hotel

Las Vegas is known for its many luxurious hotels and casinos, but few have the privilege of having the extremely fine palms casino hotel in Las Vegas. Considered to be one of the finest hotels in Las Vegas, the venue hosts some of the most famous gambling events in the world, such as the infamous Poker Tournament. Located not far from the Bellagio Hotel and Casino, it is conveniently located for those visiting the strip and is a short taxi ride away from the airport. From the comfort of your hotel room, you can always enjoy the live gambling events that take place daily on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the facility.

There are four different levels of the facility, which offer guests a choice for their gambling experience. The very top rated facility is reserved for VIP guests who are entitled to special services and facilities. On occasion, the facility is also utilized by members of the Laredo Club or other similar social gatherings. When considering your options for staying at this premier casino hotel, you should consider the packages that are offered, including all the accompanying amenities, which are included with each and every poker game.

Not only does the establishment host numerous live gaming events, it also offers an “after hours” facility. Events that may be more flexible in nature include card tournaments, scratch off games, video poker tournaments, high rollers, and other similar gaming options. Both the VIP and non-VIP guests are free to choose from the various events that take place daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

While most events are open to players at all times of the day, there are a select few that are only open to players during specific times. These exclusive events tend to include multiple table tournaments and house odds which tend to be higher than the rates of the general rate at the hotel. However, the prices are subject to change without notice. Some times, you may be able to enjoy even greater benefits if you take advantage of the promotional rates on offer. It is best to contact a representative from the Las Vegas Sands Corp. directly to find out more information about these promotions.

In addition to providing a first class casino experience, guests to the Las Vegas Sands Corp. (LVC), one of the finest hotels in Las Vegas, will also discover that The Palm has an impressive location for dining. This hotel boasts a great number of restaurants, pubs and other eating establishments that will satisfy any kind of taste. There is a restaurant located onsite for guests to dine at as well, while they are inside the hotel. If you do not happen to want to dine at a restaurant, but would still like to experience Las Vegas, there is no reason why the facility, itself, should not suffice.

All of these and more are featured by The Palm in one of the premiere gambling destinations in the world. For the ultimate gambling experience, there are several different locations where you can bet. These include the Aquarium at Bellagio, which features two full floors dedicated to exotic marine life; Bellagio’s gaming floor, which host some of the biggest names in the world of casino; and the Fountains at Paris Las Vegas, which is home to over 100 water features. With all of these amenities, it is easy to understand why so many people enjoy playing in Las Vegas. When you stay at The Palm, you can experience this fantastic city just like it is.